Change Commercial your Lighting Space with LEDURE LED down lights

A commercial area like a retail store or even the industrial space requires good lighting which makes the area look appealing. Gone are the days when there were heavy lightings which consumed a lot of energy. However, times are changing and commercial lightings are becoming elaborate with LEDs taking over. This is where Ledure Lights comes into the role of offering commercial light setups. From Spot Lamp, Track Light, COB – Round – Square -Ultra, and many other options, Ledure ensures that your commercial light requirements fulfilled under one roof.

LED commercial lighting is now the most sought after investment in India. From retail stores to hospitals and restaurants, LED lights are highly preferred. Moreover, with Ledure Lights offering varied options you can choose and get installed by professionals. Before we check some of the commercials LED lights from Ledure, let us check some of the benefits these lights offer.


Energy Efficient and No Heating-

LEDs carry similar ability as fluorescents in terms of energy efficiency. This way you won’t just save money over the electric bill, but also the LED lights will generate little in the way of heat.


Durability Features-

One of the best things about LEDs against fluorescents and incandescent bulbs is the durability. This is because of the overall construction and is really tough to break. This makes LED light go for a longer period.


Easy Light Exposure-

Fluorescent lights emit bluish nature which can be irritating for some people. LED lights are more natural and its colouring is changeable. In many workplaces, LED down lights and flood lights are added to give a more appealing look.



The best part of LED lights is different settings it comes with. From dimmers to timers and sensors there are different settings the user can opt for after installation. So whether you have LED flood lights in open space or any other light, you can adjust it accordingly.

Coming back Ledure lights, let us now check different types of commercial lightings the brand offers-


Surface LED Down lights-

Surface LED Down lights

Also known as Surface Mounted Luminaries, these types of LED down lights create a more electric look to space. If you are looking for powerful lighting solution capable of energy saving, then surface LED down lights are best. Some of the options Ledure offers are- 3 W R Surface Down light, 6W Surface Down light, 12W Surface Down light, etc.


COB Classic Series lights-

COB Classic Series lights

Chip on Board classic series lights from Ledure consists of a single LED chip and mounted downwards. The single cluster of LED’s are mounted in one point and requires a greater cooling effect. These LED down lights from Ledure are made up of aluminium. COB down lights offer the better light source to space and with the reflectors, the light beam is controllable. Moreover, COB offers crisper and cleaner lights as there is no frosting on the lens.

With having such benefits and options for commercial lights, Ledure certainly ensures to offer the best-LED lights. So if you are looking for light up your commercial space, then connect with Ledure.

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