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Company Profile

LEDURE LIGHTINGS LTD is organized to be responsive to the emerging new Technologies in the LED lighting Industry with the brand known as 'LEDURE'. LEDURE offers a wide range of modern, aesthetically designed and energy efficient LED lights for external and internal applications.

Our LED lights have high reliability built into the design through years of Research & Development. In doing so, the company has employed highly technical, well disciplined, foreign trained, field tested and experienced manpower.
At LEDURE, we ensure high quality of products with sense of style, by controlling the design and production of critical components, such as, electronic drivers and heat sinks at our plant. LEDURE products undergo rigorous testing for extreme temperature, surge protection and humidity conditions to ensure reliability in all operating conditions. Our LED lights are designed for high light output to suit specific lighting applications, delivering high lumen per watt of energy consumed.
Using promoters' rich experience, Ledure is fully dedicated to become leading brand in LED lighting industry.